...building on the foundation of our past to reach future generations for Christ.

In this message we see Jesus' teaching about the great Day of the Lord as He speaks of Noah and the ark.  We all will have a time when our door to salvation is closed and sealed.  Will you be ready?

This week Pastor Justin  talks about dreaming, but whose dreams are we dreaming?  God has a perfect will for each of our lives, and it's His plans that put us in the perfect place.  

During this Sunday evening service, Pastor Justin revisits a favorite sermon he's used at various churches.  Lessons From a Fish Bowl uses various Scriptures about God and our life in Him.
What happens when you fill a sponge and squeeze it?  Whatever you put in that sponge comes out.  What happens when life squeezes you?  
God is the God of the impossible, but what happens to your faith when He chooses not to answer the way you want Him to?
If you stand up for anything Biblical nowadays you're labeled judgmental.  What does the Bible say about minding your own business and keeping your thoughts to yourself?
What is the Holy Spirit and what are His roles in the lives of God's people?
If we are Christians we have a certain level of belief, but to what extent do we believe?  Do we believe one thing for others and another for ourselves, or do we believe God can work only so far?
We put great emphasis on our physical health, which is actually just temporary.  But how much emphasis do we put on our spiritual health, which is eternal?
We can learn a lot about faith from children.  We can also build a great church with a focus on children.
In this Palm Sunday message we hear about the excitement of Christ's followers as He enters the holy capital city.  Things are not always as we think they will be, but God's plan is always better!
On Resurrection Sunday we are reminded of the victory Jesus had over sin and death, and as a result the victory allowed to us.  
While we are no longer under the law but rather under grace, we are not expected to live life according to our human desires.  Instead, we are to seek an increase of the fruit of the Spirit, which will make us more like God.
Saul had an amazing encounter with Jesus Christ Himself.  When Saul, who had his name changed to Paul, realized what he had been doing, the question he was compelled to ask was, "What do you want me to do, Lord?"  Should we have the same attitude when we have an encounter with the same Jesus?
Even if we don't get turned into a pillar of salt for looking back to our old life, there are still dangers of sinking back into our old ways of life.  Continue to press on and do what you may not feel like doing or else we may gradually fall away from our Lord.
When God called Gideon it wasn't because he was the most qualified.  The opposite actually seemed more accurate.  But God used Gideon and his diminished army to show how mighty God is, and He still works in ways that might not make sense to us so that He may be glorified.
God has created us with a plan and a purpose.  He knew that we would fall short and be completely imperfect, but He still loves us and cares for us despite all of our mistakes.
Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.  But what are "all these things"?  We have become discontented with all the things of life, despite all the things we get, and it steals our joy.
The prophet Habakkuk questions God, but the answer he gets at first isn't necessarily what he wanted to hear.  How will you respond when you don't get the answer you want, or even don't hear anything from God?
Luke 14:12 talk about motives.  What are your motives behind the actions you take and words you speak?
Like Moses lifted up the bronze serpent in the wilderness so that the Israelites could be saved, Jesus has been lifted up so that we may be saved.
Persecutions of Christians are real.  It's really happening in other parts of the world, and it's getting closer and stronger.  The things that we see and face here are only temporary, but the word of the Lord and the truths we read in it are eternal.
The great apostle Paul didn't go to the Corinthians with great speeches or persuasive words.  Instead he took the basic Gospel message and let the Holy Spirit do His work.  

What does it mean to be a Christian? Does God expect us to just go through the motions?  Is salvation just a one-time thing and then we can forget it?  Let's hear a message from Philippians on the subject.

There is much we can focus on in this section of John chapter 8, but one of the things we ought to pay attention to we often overlook.  "Go, and sin no more." Easier said than done, but we truly can have victory in Jesus, even in this area of our lives.
There are many battles Christians can stand up and fight it, but what battles are worth fighting?  We are taught how to behave in God's Word, but there are times that we can get caught up in worldly battles.  What will you choose to focus on?

On National Sanctity of Life Sunday, we need to be reminded that all human life is sacred.  God does not make mistakes and He has a plan and purpose for each life.  However, for those who have chosen to abort a baby, there is still forgiveness. Let's stand up for innocent human life, but also be forgiving of those who have sinned in this area of life. 

We put a lot of value on things and certain people.  God, however, puts a lot of value on us...sinners.  Why would God go to such lengths in order to spend eternity with us?

Everyone goes through dry periods, but some are worse than others.  We are in desperate need of a revival, as God's Church and our nation.

This is a very familiar, comforting passage from the Old Testament, but why?  Let's go through it and find out why it's so encouraging and comforting.